Preparing print fails after spinning for several minutes

I’ve been trying to get a job done today and I keep having issues with the processing. I’ve checked my internet connection and have 309 down 20 up for internet speed, I’ve removed as many elements as I can and have it down to one object and it’s still happening. I do my main work in Opera but I’ve tried edge and Chrome as well just to be sure. I’ve also power cycled the printer and there are no error lights showing. Was wondering if anyone is having issues with this or if it’s just not liking my project file.

I experienced an event like that. After processing for 5 minutes it would fail. Turned out to be the file. Somehow I had managed to have a duplicate image under it. I struggled to figure out why it kept failing.
The file was for the two-sided tokens I do. It is the two sides in different colors superimposed on each other. I was working to simplify the file, and after dragging the top one off, I ungrouped the bottom to work on the text. I drug a word off and there… was the text of the top that I had moved to the side!
Classic case of user failure. :expressionless:


I’m trying from my phone and if that doesn’t work I’ll reupload as a new file

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New file, switched to my laptop after power cycling the GF once again, trying with chrome, still taking forever to “prepare”

I would suggest sharing the file so taller minds than mine could examine it.

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