Preparing Print Taking FOREVER

Starting yesterday my “preparing print” wait time has been getting longer and longer. Now I cannot get past it. These are with designs I have previously cut with no issues. I do not (and have never) have the upgraded subscription, but this has never been a problem until now.

My internet is also working just fine. All over webpages are loading perfectly find on my laptop and all over devices.

What can I do?

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Try opening a file like the Gift of Good Measure. If it takes a long time to process, try clearing your cache and/or using a different browser. Slow file preparation has almost always been a file issue when it happens to me.

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Thanks for the response! So I loaded in a simple circle and it took a long time but did work. But any file that cuts more than two pieces is just getting stuck (for example the one job was 20 circles with an engraved word and I waited over 30 minuets before giving up…

also I just cut those two circles and now my machine got stuck in the cooling down phase and the fan did not turn off and was blowing into my machine even after the cut was finished. Had to turn off machine and turn back on.

lol I’m sorry, I realize that is a completely separate issue.
UPDATE: turning machine off and on fixed the stuck in cooling phase


To rule out wifi problems, you could try to use your phone as a hot spot. Things taking a long time to load have often been on the user end - especially when no other users are reporting the problem.


Hello @undoubtedly.mad I’m sorry your printer is staying on preparing print for a long time. I’m glad to see you are not longer getting getting stuck on cooling down.

I reviewed your logs and it seems that you having been able to print today. I’d like to confirm if you still experiencing the stuck preparing issues?


Yes, thankfully it seems to be back to its normal speed! Thank you for reaching out!

Hello @undoubtedly.mad - I’m glad to hear you’re back up and running! I’ll go ahead and close this topic then.

Please feel free to reach back out if you need any further assistance.