Preparing print

So not sure if glowforge is down but all of the sodden my “Preparing Print” has been going for a while? What’s the deal with that- internet is strong, re-started both glowforge and computer- still not going through… Any ideas? Help?

(LOL as soon as I hit enter - it went through- lol … Disregard it was taking like 20 min though… )

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“Preparing your print” happens in the Google Cloud. If it takes a long time, it’s either a very complicated design that’s taking a long time to turn into a motion plan, or the server glitched and resubmitting it (cancel then print again) will fix it.

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I have had this happen, but the file is actually transmitted to the Glowforge and the button glows. Prints fine before the “App” says it is ready.

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