Preparing SVG files from the Shaper Utility for the Glowforge

Hello All,
I design most of my files for Glowforge initially in Fusion 360 and have been using the Shaper Utility to create SVG files from my models. This tool works great but is setup for the the Shaper Origin so you have to manually update the paths from engraves to cuts in either an SVG editor or in the Glowforge web application. I’m lazy and got sick of doing this so I wrote a script to do this for me. If your workflow is similar you might find it useful. I wrote and article about it on Medium and the script itself is found on GitHub.

Note the script is written in python so you need to have it install on your computer to execute the script. I use the Anaconda distribution but any distribution should work.


Thank you SO MUCH. I use and push the Shaper Utility all the time but lack the python chops to do this.

I figured it out but you might want to edit your OP and article to state that if not already done you need to install Python. Not blaming you at all for assuming everyone would have it installed but we have all walks here.

Thanx again.


Sweet. This is why Glowforge needs an API. Imagine what people with coding skills could contribute to make everyone’s workflow better.


THIS 100%.

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Awesome thanks a bunch!

This is especially timely as I was finally able to get the Shaper Addin installed and functional. the digital gnomes were after me for a while it seems.

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