Preparing to Print-just clocking

So earlier I had issues upload files. This seems to be working now, however when I click the print button its now just clocking. Not sure if this is related to their earlier issue, but just wanted this out there.

Hello! Are you still having this issue or was it just yesterday? I have had that happen to me once before (a few months ago). I tried to restart my browser and it was a trap and retying. I just restarted the GF and it resolved it. Idk it it was just my GF being out of sync with the app or what. But it resolved.

Thanks for the response. I had shut everything down and just walked away after the issues on Sunday. I was frustrated. I’ll check later today to see how it’s working. Fingers crossed that it’s working correctly.

@maciasdee I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge app is stuck in preparing print. I can see that you’ve also reached out via email and that our support team has contacted you there. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.