Preparing your print taking a long time

Is anybody else having issues today with preparing your print taking a long time? I’ve had a couple today taking forever. I have one right now which has been running like that for several minutes and the item being printed is a handful of pencils with a line of text. Thanks Mike

This is almost always a local issue. Try clearing your cache or using a different browser. It could also be the file that is causing the problem. Should you care to share the file someone else will try to prepare and see if the issue persists.


It’s weird as I too just encountered this with a very simple little cut that I have been making slight changes to in inkscape. The first two loaded fast. The next one took maybe a minute and a half. The 4th one took about 3 minutes and the 5th was fast again. I tried the 4th version again after completing all the cuts and it came in within seconds.

I had this happen yesterday and again today. Waiting, waiting…then I’d stop it, refresh the browser, and try it again. Then, at some point, it would show in the UI twice. Very sluggish sometimes.

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I am having the same issue. Cannot upload any new images!

I’m sorry for the trouble when using the app and that it’s taking a long time to prepare some of your prints. So that our team can investigate this further, may I have the name of the design you were printing as it appears on you Dashboard? If you’d prefer to share that information privately, you can email it to my attention at

Thank you every for the responses.

Ivan I had trouble with more than one print. I believe the ones I was having trouble with yesterday were called “Raven Earrings Acrylic” and “Big beautiful tomorrow Pencils”. I have printed both in the past with no issues.

Thank you for the names of two example designs where you noticed the trouble. Has the same issue occurred again since yesterday?

I located the designs in your library and ran some tests on our end. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything which I would expect to cause an issue, but I’ve reported this to our product team to let them know that one of our Glowforge owners ran into longer than expected processing time.

As an aside, while I would expect both designs to load and print in our app, I happened to notice that you might be able to adjust one of them so that it should be processed more quickly in general. In one of your recent prints with the “Big beautiful tomorrow Pencils” design, the layout of 10 copies of the text you created contained a little over 14,000 individual nodes:

A high number of individual nodes sometimes happens when a file is converted from another format. For example, it can occur if a raster file is converted to vector format with the precision set too high.

The best way to adjust this depends on your design. You may be able to simplify the design with your design software. Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator both have options to simplify strokes. Another option might be to convert the portion of your design which is to be engraved to a bitmap by rasterizing it. Here are two support pages on these topics which might be helpful:

Rasterize Objects
Simplify Strokes

Please let me know how your prints have gone today and if you’ve run into the same issue with designs taking a long time to process.

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the reply. I have not had any issues today. It was on several items yesterday.

For the file you are talking about, the text was through the glowforge app itself so if too many nodes, I would say that is with glowforge software.

Any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for the additional information. I’m glad that the issue hasn’t re occurred. I’ll make a note that the font you were using was part of Glowforge Premium and share with our product team that it may result in a large number of nodes when there are a lot of lines of text.

If the issue with getting stuck while the design is being prepared for print happens again, will you please let me know the date and time? I’ll be happy to locate the logs and investigate further.

Ok thanks and yes I will let you know.

I am seeing this issue consistently. I emailed support with info on the design. There are about 100 or so words in total on the design that were converted from text to paths in inkscape so they could be engraved. the rest is basic lines. Seems to be taking a full 5 minutes to prepare the print

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