Prepping Images in Affinity Designer

Is there any article or videos that show how to properly prep a photo using Affinity Designer? Im new to the software but have not came across any helpful material. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the community. I use both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. While you can do some limited things on a photo in AD, it’s not really the best software for that medium. A photo app will give you many more options for working on exposure, contrast, etc.


Do you mean for an image engrave? I mostly agree with @Xabbess, but I find the best way to edit an image with it is to use the layer filter tools in the layer menu. That said, GIMP is a million times better for that and it’s free. FWIW, I don’t even really like Affinity Photo for editing images.

If you’re trying to create cutlines, though, that’s a whole other discussion.


Yes it would be for engraving a photo, but i think i will use GIMP instead. Thanks

I love it for 360 images - its rectilinear projection lets me clean up artifacts like the tripod and then remove the projection and get my 360 back. Really handy and I don’t need to go all Lightroom or Photoshop deep in things.

Somewhat niche use case but worth every penny of the $50 purchase price.


That’s fair. I haven’t used it that much because it’s just not as intuitive to me as other tools I’ve got. I love, love, love Affinity Designer, though.

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