Prepping Other Files While Printing?

Quick Question. Am I able to prep other files for printing while something is currently cutting on my Glowforge? I’m afraid if I click the icon to go back to the app homepage or whatever that the project that’s currently printing will stop. Is this a thing or can I prepare my next cut file while something else is currently printing? I hope that makes sense. Haha. TIA!

You can definitely do that. Once you hit the print button, the computer is done talking to the glowforge.

If you’re paranoid, just open another browser window and prep in that.

This has been discussed before, and while I usually say “yeah search for that info”, this is the kind of thing that wont be easy to search for… but it’s out there, and there may be more info in those threads.


Thank you so much for the information! I’m glad to hear that!!

This is exactly what I do. While one is running, I open the app in another tab and work on the next one. Then I close the first tab when it’s done, and just keep leap-frogging tabs as I go.

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