Presentation tomorrow (6/24/2021) for those interested in making laser rubber stamps

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I just got this email, seems like there might be a few in this forum who would be interested. I think I will sign up for the webinar.

Join JMP in a demonstration of custom stamp manufacturing by Laser Engraving and by using the Brother Stampcreator Pro System. The presentation will include video of stamp die laser production and self-inking stamp assembly plus a live demonstration of the Brother Stampcreator Pro System.

The webinar is tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:00am central time. It is hosted by our friends at the Awards & Personalization Association. Other presenting companies will be LogoJet and JDS Industries.

You must preregister to attend. Follow this link to the registration page. After submitting, APA will send a link to your email allowing your entry into the presentation. No need to be an APA member - this program is open to everyone that works in the industry!

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to see stamp production from the comfort of your home or office.

Expand your bottom line by offering

a Profitable New Product Line!



Everybody Needs a Custom Stamp

and You Can be the Provider!



The Brother Stampcreator system allows you to make a high-quality pre-inked stamp in an instant! $10 or less in materials can result in a retail sale of $25 or more. The Brother Stampcreator Pro opens a new world of profitability for you and your business.

Now get the complete Stampcreator system with software and 41 popular stamp sizes while saving more than $200. Your $999 investment will more than be repaid just by selling the included 41 stamps at suggested retail price (approx. $1,100 combined SRP).

Full marketing support is provided with every system. Counter-top displays, printed catalogs and flyers/order forms are free with your system purchase, and always replenished at no charge - just ask and you’ll receive! We’re committed to helping sell your high-quality pre-inked stamps.

If you currently own the Stampcreator System and need supplies or marketing materials, just click here to go to our site for all things related to pre-inked stamp production.



This offer is limited to end-user purchases of the Stampcreator system. No dealers allowed. Continental USA residents only. Shipping by FedEx Ground to a single location. No deviations allowed to the standard package, although additional stamps can be added. Promotional discount provided by instant rebate from Brother International. Quantities are limited. Offer expires June 30, 2021.

You received this message because you requested information from our company, visited us at a trade show and/or placed an order previously. If you prefer to be removed from future mailings please unsubscribe. Thank you.


Jackson Marking Products 9105 N. Rainbow Lane, Mount Vernon, IL 62864

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Gosh, thanks—I didn’t notice that. Fixed!

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