Press button and machine does nothing ! :-(

I’m fed up!

First - I buy a brand new machine from you guys and within 2 weeks it dies. Then you guys send me a refurb and I’m having nothing but issues.

Let’s see - first machine only cuts on 145 for anything so my glowforge is what the internet refers to as the “slowforge”
Second - the wheel for my belt broke somehow - I had to print a 3D piece because you guys don’t offer it. (THIS WAS RESOLVED AND YOU ARE MAILING THE PIECE)

NOW. At 150pm est time I went to turn on machine and press the button and machine started up but did not move. Then I did it again and NOTHING. I let it sit so you can view on your end. Now it’s cutting but I’m finally fed up with your company.

I can’t wait to see what kind of ride you put me thru. I see on Facebook how shady you guys treat people. I’m done with fixes for this machine. I’m under warranty and I think it’s about time. I get a new one. All these problems within the past 2 weeks. This not health for a disabled man with ptsd.

I’m sick of it!
I hope you guys really change my mind about your company today. Not tomorrow not two days from now. I don’t want to sit and go through this anymore with machine.

Kindly show your real support for us creators and ship me my replacement. I will have this one ready to go when the new one arrives.

This unit is defective. Don’t hide these facts. You guys had to Also shut off my fan error Message on your end.
So now I don’t see that message.
So Now I feel something could go wrong and that message was preventing it and a possible fire can occur with my air assist.

This one was built badly. Help and prove that I picked the right company. -

Just tried going thru a new print and boom. Started right up. But if froze thru the print. Waited and i shot some video to send to you. Can’t post here due to file size.

NOW when it stoped it flashed yellow button. Never seen yellow before besides with my fan issue.
Right at 2:49pm est.

Yet again. Check 3:06pm est.
Just shut off to restart to do testing. Yellow button Blink blink. Back to blue.

Oh no! I’m so sorry for the trouble.

When you see a yellow button on your Glowforge, there should be a message in the app to accompany it. In this case, you should be seeing a cooling error.

The logs are telling me your prints are pausing to cool down because the coolant is too hot.

I’d like to eliminate the obvious stuff so we can make sure your Glowforge is working as expected, and if not, we can get you taken care of.

How hot is the room the Glowforge is in, and what does your exhaust setup look like?

Here is the usual troubleshooting:

Your Glowforge features a closed-loop liquid cooling system that uses the air from the room to remove heat. It is designed to be used when the temperature next to your Glowforge is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius). To check, put a room thermometer next to the right hand side of the Glowforge; it draws in air from underneath, on the right.

  • Examine the bottom-right side of your Glowforge, and ensure that there is no fabric or other flexible material underneath it, like a tablecloth. There are air intake vents, and if they become obstructed, it makes cooling less effective.

  • Try pointing a fan at the right side of your Glowforge. If there is warm air around the intake, this could help it cool off.

  • Power off your Glowforge when you are not using it. When your Glowforge sits idle, the fans are off, so heat can build up

  • Just wait. Your print may take a little longer when it’s warm, but your Glowforge will protect itself and make sure it cools enough to prevent any loss of power or damage. It’s clever enough to pick up from exactly where it left off, even if it needs to pause to cool down during the print!

  • Ensure that the sun isn’t shining on the lid. This could cause the inside of your Glowforge to heat up.

  • If you are venting outdoors, ensure that extreme temperatures or humidity do not enter the Glowforge unit through the exhaust hose. Disconnect the hose from the outside air when the Glowforge is not in use.

  • Turn your Glowforge off and open the lid for a few minutes before trying again. It’s possible for the air in your Glowforge to heat up, just like a car in the sun on a hot day, opening the lid will help that warm air to escape and your Glowforge to cool down.

If you are still running into trouble, please let us know the following so that we can investigate further:

  • A description of the things you tried and what happened

  • If possible, place a thermometer next to your Glowforge on the right hand side and measure the temperature there; if not, estimate the room temperature

  • The date and time (including time zone) when you had the problem

  • Take a picture of the exhaust hose behind your Glowforge that includes the part where it connects to your Glowforge, and the part where it exits the room

Let me know what you find out and I’ll figure out what we need to do next to make sure you get taken care of.

It’s nice and cool in the room since I have an huge Orion laser running as well.

My exhaust is set up like my Orion. I have 6inch infinity also hooked up to the glowforge. Same setup that I had since I bought it and you guys told me how to vent out the window.

I have cleaned fully. Inside fans all work correctly (Hoping) and so does My extra inline fan
I keep both running, as I don’t care about noise since I live in the woods. No neighbors to complain. Plus better air flow as I read

I did all this mentioned and I’m not happy, sir…

This is not cool. I would like this sent back and a either a new working unit with no issues. Or a refund so I can buy my second Orion.

After reading Facebook and seeing others issues and how your customer service is not helpful when it comes to big issues… I clearly now know That I made a mistake and the fact that I don’t even have a new machine is upsetting. I got to enjoy a new machine for 2 whole weeks. Then you guys give me this POS refurb that only cuts on 145/full and is having New issues EACH WEEK now?? Just more and MORE problems. My tube never gets hot! 69degress in my office at all time. New machine requested.

I paid all that money for a broken machine in 2 weeks and now a refurb with constant issues. No more. I do not want to fix. Please send new or refurb unit. I will mess around with this until new one arrives.

How would you feel if you spent every penny on this and have my now constant issues? Not cool.

Also please I would like this resolved today. Not tomorrow or down the road. I have to wait days for new parts for this machine that should not be in my house in the first place.

I feel I was tricked! Buying a new machine and ending up with this soon to be death trap. No no no. Help me. Tell me how much to overnight my REPLACEMENT machine that is under full warranty and I will gladly pay that. Then box this mess when a real unit arrives.

Make this right. I should be creating. Not sitting here pooping on your company. I want peace and love. Give me a hug and send me replacement or a full refund. This is unacceptable. I want to be able to go on Facebook and tell your potential customers that I had an issue but you guy sent me a new working unit. Please don’t let them feel like they are going to regret their purchase as well.

I loved your company but I feel im being jerked around with a lemon. It’s upsetting me. Hopefully you will make me eat my words.

Also making some sense that this is happening. I’m stuck running ALL my wood cuts at 145/full or it doesn’t cut. So maybe since I’m stuck running my GF slower then everyone. It’s taking prints longer and more poweR Is being used… so now my tube is starting to suffer As well . . :frowning:

Think on that

Any luck?

Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll let you know.

Ok. I’m patiently waiting. Not sure what else needs to be looked into. I was clearly giving a lemon and I’m hoping you guys stand by your policy’s and wouldn’t want a lemon on the streets. So I really would love to hear that a replacement is in route or I will gladly take a refund and just send back your unit.
Ideally I would love to be a glowforge customer… I have no issues paying a monthly fee and value your company. But this needs to please be addressed quickly.
Please reply and make me go to sleep happy tonight knowing you guys have my back.

This is very unpleasant. Ever since I got the machine I never had any issues with cooling. I come here yesterday for one problem and now Its non stop and NEW issue - All day my unit is over heating. All conditions are the same. Nothing has changed expect this laser is dying.

What else does this unit have to do before you agree with what I’m asking and to replace my machine that is 100% a lemon :lemon:

Hoping your customer service is going to help me today. I would rather be creating. But I’m stuck here in this forum. Waiting for a simple fix for you to say that you will be taking back this lemon.

I’m so sorry you’re still having cooling trouble.

I am glad to see you’re still able to get some printing done.

Regarding Cooling

I reviewed the logs from your Glowforge this morning.

The first thing I checked was the coolant temperature that was reported when you first turned the unit on in the morning, when it hadn’t had any activity in a bit over nine hours.

On that first connection online, the coolant in your Glowforge was reporting at 76 degrees F.

As I mentioned before:

[Your Glowforge ] is designed to be used when the temperature next to your Glowforge is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius).

You had mentioned the workspace was a consistent 69 degrees.

Do you have a room thermometer you could place next to the right hand side of the Glowforge, to get more information for our troubleshooting?

Could you also take a picture of the exhaust configuration of your Glowforge? Please include the part where it connects to your Glowforge, and the part where it exits the room as well.

You had mentioned that you have a 6 inch infinity fan setup similar to your Orion, but I’d like to get a better idea of the setup.

Thanks for your help troubleshooting this.

Seems like a normal speed and power to me. How do you measure that your tube “is starting to suffer” when that’s pretty normal for a cutting speed? You have an orion, so you know full well that speed and power make the cut and the thicker the material, the slower the head movement needs to be along with the higher the power. So if your orion cuts faster, then it has more power (what’s it’s effective wattage?) Since you say it’s a “huge Orion” I will have to guess it’s either the 80 or 100 watt machine. Orion is of course chinese knock off stuff, but that’s neither here nor there I suppose. But with those chinese machines that say 80 and 100 watt that’s usually PEAK power and not effective power. So guess somewhere between 70-90watts. OBVIOUSLY if you are pushing double the power with your orion, it’s going to cut faster than a 40 or 45 watt if you got the pro.

Well that’s not hyperbolic or anything…

But… you have the orion. You could be doing BOTH creating AND checking on your trouble ticket.



Temp is currently 67. I only cut before. I gave up last night on this machine.
Machine is cold to the touch. I always wear a sweater in here so hotness in this room is not an issue. I do not have an inferred to take a photo to show you. But no change since May 2020 (it was actually hotter in here during May because of the summer months)

Here is my set up. 6inch infinity going from wall to glowforge. 4 1/2 feet of hose. Goes from 6inch to 4inch so it would fit good on the machine. Had it like this since May 2020
Hoses are clean, and fan works perfectly. I did not remove the fan inside the unit like others do. I just have it attached for some added air. Setup was confirmed and checked with your staff back in May. This is not a setup issue, sir. Plus it is winter here And snowing so it gets Much colder in here quicker And stays cold :cold_face: . Something is wrong with the tube.

Orion is used for engraving my large portraits because the quality has been better. I like quick cuts on the forge because it takes too long for engraving.
So That gives me down time to sit here and stare at everyone else’s issues and I’m starting to see that this might have been a very bad investment. Especially the customer aspect side since my first BRAND new machine died and I get a refurb replacement? I was dumb back then and gladly accepted it.

I’m sorry but after seeing several photos on Facebook groups of glowforges on Fire.
Why should I have to take that risk with a faulty fan? Not cutting well and overheating on a cool afternoon? Doesn’t sound like I made a smart investment if this is what I ended up with. Pay for a new machine and The. They send you a used one with issues
The more I sit here I do research and I’m amazed of the complaints.
Im hoping I don’t end up like another unhappy buyer. I had too many issues with this machine. It’s time for glowforge to step and and do right.

I’m hoping today is the day glowforge changes my mind about them.
Because right now I’m far from impressed.
Especially at the price tags that I paid between the two machines and it’s sad that a made in China product is out ranking my glowforge.
I’m a USA guy. This is why I bought a forge. But MY unit is clearly not a quality Product.

Guaranteed that every single fire you see resulted from someone not paying close enough attention to their machine and had nothing to do with the ventilation fan (and with an inline as well, yours COULD be turned off entirely and it would be fine). No air assist could be problematic and allow a flame-up, but again… pay attention to the job and it won’t matter. Open door. Put out flare up. Done.

The overheating issue you are having is, as you say, likely a problem with the hardware and not likely to be anything they can do remotely. But regardless, you are under warranty and they will make it right. In the meantime, that orion can cut things too… likely faster than the 40watt glowforge can. Use it until you get a replacement.


I don’t know the causes of fires. But honestly I see how well others perform and how mine does and it’s just not made correctly. Mistake at the company. It’s no big deal but at this point with all the issues happening within weeks apart and I’m now on this forum or emailing them every week is not cool.
Yes the Orion cuts like butter. I bought some amazing lenses for it but my goal was having two Machines - one cutter (glowforge) and one for just portraits. I like my setup like that. I paid double the amount for my glowforge. I think what I’m asking is pretty fair. I’m under warranty and I had 8 other glowforge experts guide me thru and showed me this is a lemon unit. They all said it should be replaced. Especially now with this cooling issue that never happened in its life.
I pay - expect quality customer support like Orion. They even have a phone number so if I ever needed to call. I have someone instantly to talk to.

I loved glowforge. Even AFTER they sent me a unit that died 2 weeks in. I’m not asking for anything unreasonable here. I want a new machine with out cooling or fan errors (that they shut off. So if my air assist goes. It’s a possible fire because I’m never going to know about that warning message.).

This machine needs to be picked up ASAP. I just need a tracking number and Won’t have to sit here thinking that glowforge is going to hurt me and not send me a working unit.

I would of rather kept this issue private with them. But everyone said - Jason, make it public or you will get no where With this company. I don’t want to think like this - I’m hoping glowforge will prove me wrong for once in my life.

Well just don’t expect to see cutting speeds faster than what you posted (145/full) on woods. Simple physics. 40 watt is going to cut slower than an 80 or 100 watt unit.

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No that’s not my issue. Mine is I can’t use any other setting or even put in my own custom settings to cut wood.

The only setting that works for me is setting it to Thick Maple Ply and bringing it back to 146

Every expert said this is not right. I should be able to use other cut settings and have no issues. Think about it. Glowforge made a whole list of wood materials. I can’t select any of them to use when I have that product.
If this is NOT an issue. Then glowforge shouldn’t give people options to use with the laser. Should just be one click in that case like my machine currently is.
For it to only cut on that setting. Shows the tube is weak. Wouldn’t you agree? Everyone else confirmed this.

I used to measure my wood and set my numbers and boom. Easy peasy. Now I don’t even measure because I have to be locked
In on one setting and it sometimes burns the wood. Not cool.

That sounds distinctly like you not knowing how to use the software or a browser issue… I’m betting on the former. Sorry. You can enter any speed and power you want. Don’t mean it will WORK, but I’ve personally NEVER used the proofgrade settings as they sit. I always use custom settings.