Press-tabs boxes and phone stand (no glue!)


I’m not sure what to call these little tabs holding my boxes together, but I’m still proud of them. I designed them to make a phone stand that won’t come undone when moved around, but can still be taken apart. I’ve found them useful for making boxes too.

This is hubby’s phone stand.

My little “Beach Box”. Plan to put some seashells in there :slight_smile:

Wood box with all my different tab designs.


Excellent designs!


Cool concept for fasteners


Yep! Like the fasteners! :grinning:


Oooooo, very nice indeed! Do you find that the acrylic flexes enough? I’m always breaking acrylic trying to get it to fit things, but maybe your design works better.


Thanks cynd! It took a few tries to get the right combination, but finally got the tabs to be pretty flexible. The trick was to make the grove deep enough and then I added a little tiny circle to the end. That seemed to dissipate the stress on the plastic and helped to keep it from splitting.



Cool! And I suppose annealing would help as well.

And, dagnabbit—you keep changing your avatar!


Very clever! I like that you’ve used them to add cool design elements to the boxes. I don’t like the look of most tabs, but I quite like yours.


I know! It’s kinda whatever mood strikes me and it keeps people on their toes lol. (Funny thing is I was just changing it again.) I should probably get one and stick with it though.


Amazing designs! The boxes are so neat!


Love the fasteners