Pressing "Start Button" has no affect; despite a compatible, fully calculated & sent job

Pressing the “Start Button”, has no affect; despite a compatible and fully calculated and sent job, already being transmitted over to the GlowForge and waiting for the “press start” and create final step!
…Incidentally, the button doesn’t light up either; and has also NEVER lit up in the past either!!

It is as if the button is completely faulty; since all other features & setup work flawlessly!!


I received my GlowForge Laser Cutter approximately three (3) weeks ago. I only started to set it up at the end of last week; following the completion of our move into our new offices.

Setup went very smooth for the most part. The GlowForge packaging looked perfect; and instruction on preparing the GlowForge were straight forward.

HOWEVER, from the beginning something seemed wrong at the point we were to connect the printer to our network.

We repeatedly waited for the “Star Button” to “Glow Teal” and it never did. We followed numerous tips from the internet. “Restart the system”; “Hold the Button Down for 10 seconds”; “Hold the button down for 30 seconds”; etc… We unplugged the unit, we restarted; also while we held the button again; we made sure the belts and all movement was still fluid, capable and mobile.

Finally I just decided to look to see if I could see the GlowForge providing a SID, and being something I could connect to via WiFI. AND YES, THERE IT WAS!! " Voilà"!

So I connected to it, and commenced with setup, AS IF THE BUTTON HAD LIT UP TEAL!

I was ultimately able to then load in some “Proofgrade” materials GlowForge had provided with my order, and selected one of the initial designs GlowForge setup instructions suggested as an initial project.

Once we started the process of setting up our first production job, within the software, we finally saw the first autonomous movement and activity occur, and the GlowForge moved it’s camera into a perfect positions…

The software not only then showed a clear visual preview of both the “Proof Grade” material present within the bed of the GlowForge, it also estimated the job’s completion time; and finally instructed me to push the magic “Start Button” to begin my print.
…The button was unfortunately still DARK, and pushing it had no affect!!

Again, it seem that the button is completely faulty or disconnected somewhere deeper within the hardware.

I have a great deal of experience fixing electronics; and can offer any support on my end necessary to fix the unit; if someone knowledgeable is willing to provide supported instruction via this forum’s exceptional community; or the telephone or email.
…Such efficient support (versus any return, exchange & shipment goals,) would be greatly appreciated, as I am VERY remotely located! :-/

Otherwise, I will need an immediate RMA replacement arranged. As we no longer have the original box for the unit, and will need to ship it back within the replacement units shipping box.

Thanks you for any expedient help or suggestions you might be able to offer!

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When I check I see that the Google Cloud is suffering from partially degraded service. I wonder if that is the reason for some of the problems that have come up today. You might want to just give it a few hours and see if things improve.


My problem has been occurring for three (3) days.

Jobs are posting fine…
The cloud based app is working great. Previews (& recognition) of the “ProofGrade” medium; and the apps subsequent connection to the machine & the jobs related (auto) settings, are working great. Searching the catalog for the suggested “first project” is working with no delays.

Thankfully, no internet communication delays or concerns have arisen thus far. :slight_smile:

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Bummer. I hope it’s just an LED failure!


I am so sorry to hear about the trouble with the button. I see you have already emailed us and I have followed up with your next steps there, so I am going to close this thread.