Pretty dramatic (About 1" off?) alignment issue

Custom material, set for .1" height which might not be like… super precise? And I’m used to the print drifting a couple mm from exactly what I see but I ran two identical prints today and they both landed way over to the right. Cleaned the lenses, restarted, between the two dud prints and the problem persisted.

Have you done the lid camera calibration? Did you try using the set focus tool?

Yep. If you used the incorrect thickness (I’m assuming that’s some kind of paper? .1" is off by a factor of 10) the placement is going to be way off.

If you don’t have calipers to measure it, did you use the Set Focus tool?

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Calipers give me a thickness of .06". Would it cause that much of a jump with that difference?

Don’t know. That actually looks like more of a problem than is accounted for by the incorrect measurement - looks like the head lost track of where it is. (Maybe it hit something or the cables are loose somewhere.)

I’d check all the cable connections to make sure they’re secure, move the head and laser arm forward and back, left and right, and see if it hangs up on anything. (turn off the machine first).

Then I’d probably try turning it back on and letting it reset. If the problem happens on the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material you’ve likely got an issue with the machine.

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Gift of good measure came out correctly. I guess the material shifted during the cutting, I had taped it down but stuff happens I guess. I’ll be more thorough in securing it.

Lucky you! That’s the best possible outcome - it requires no shipping. :smile:


Hey @Launceleyn, I am sorry your print did not come out as expected. Thanks for the suggestions, @jules! If you are having a hard time holding down your material you may want to try the Honeycomb Bed Holddown Pins, they are so useful and can be made with a small scrap of material. I am going to close this thread, if you have any other questions please feel free to start a new thread or email us at