Preview... MOAG Gingerbread

Hey everyone!

I’m getting close to construction on my MOAG log cabin, and I wanted to share a tiny preview before construction this weekend. So here it is, a tiny gingerbread Glowforge. This is gingerbread cut out per the file generously provided by @arh2 in Free Laser Designs, and wrapped in gumpaste. I also scored the lines where the lid would be, as well as the logo, although it is so small, I can’t tell if it turned out or not (but I think it did).

I can’t wait to show you all the rest of it, I’ve been having a blast learning Inkscape and designing it.


It is the most adorable :glowforge: EVER!!!


And, just because I can’t help myself, here’s a preview of the rest of it un-assembled…


Thanks! And totally edible ha ha. Although I wouldn’t recommend it :rofl:


I was about to type that - then I thought I’d better rethink that…:rofl:


That is wonderful! And inspiring! I am eager to see the completed work!
I used to work at a hospital that had an annual gingerbread building/landscape contest, wish I’d had the Glowforge then!!!


Smackin’ my lips!

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Waiting anxiously to see the finished product. The miniature Glowforge is awesome - I can read the Glowforge logo on the front with magnification.

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Can’t wait to see the finished product! I did some gingerbread last year and the stench was so bad I could taste it. :nauseated_face: Was your experience the same?

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Yeah, pretty bad. I got a cheap air filter which helped. But the most effective was the acrylic trick, switching to wood after to sort of drown out the bad smell.

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Very neat!

Burning sugar is not pleasant. A little light sanding on the edges though…couldn’t taste too bad, could it? I love me some gingerbread.

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Gingerbread recipe and tips?


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That would definitely be “beyond the manual”… :rofl:


I use this one: Construction Grade Gingerbread - The Craft Crib

That site also has quite a few tutorials and links that are helpful. But if there is anything specific you are looking for, I can try to answer! I am by no means an expert, but I have learned a lot over the years (lots of epic fails :slight_smile: )

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I am not sure how I should react to “construction grade” food. :slight_smile:

thanks for that heads up!

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Did you read her review of 6 different recipes, too? She had pretty good things to say about the Food Network recipe, except for the color…


Yes, “construction grade” gingerbread is not the most appetizing thing I’ve ever heard of, but the stuff that comes in the kits from places like Target or Michael’s is no great tasting stuff either.

The blogger literally talks about the ability to use power tools to grind it without it shattering…


I did! I don’t care much about taste because I actually don’t like gingerbread ha ha. I find that making the dough is my least favorite part of the whole process, so once I land on a recipe I like, I pretty much stick with it. I do have issues with it warping, but a friend of mine uses the same one and doesn’t have any issues, so it’s probably user error.

I too, have been known to use power tools on the gingerbread, although when you get perfect cut edges in the laser, it isn’t as necessary as it used to be. I even opted to use the laser to cut some holes rather than getting the drill out this last time.

Oh, also, I never put in the spices, they can affect the color and are expensive, so I just skip them. I prefer to start with a lighter color usually, unless I’m doing Hogwart’s (which I did, pre-laser)



that is insane!


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