Preview... MOAG Gingerbread

Hey everyone!

I’m getting close to construction on my MOAG log cabin, and I wanted to share a tiny preview before construction this weekend. So here it is, a tiny gingerbread Glowforge. This is gingerbread cut out per the file generously provided by @arh2 in Free Laser Designs, and wrapped in gumpaste. I also scored the lines where the lid would be, as well as the logo, although it is so small, I can’t tell if it turned out or not (but I think it did).

I can’t wait to show you all the rest of it, I’ve been having a blast learning Inkscape and designing it.


It is the most adorable :glowforge: EVER!!!


And, just because I can’t help myself, here’s a preview of the rest of it un-assembled…


Thanks! And totally edible ha ha. Although I wouldn’t recommend it :rofl:


I was about to type that - then I thought I’d better rethink that…:rofl:


That is wonderful! And inspiring! I am eager to see the completed work!
I used to work at a hospital that had an annual gingerbread building/landscape contest, wish I’d had the Glowforge then!!!


Smackin’ my lips!

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Waiting anxiously to see the finished product. The miniature Glowforge is awesome - I can read the Glowforge logo on the front with magnification.

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Can’t wait to see the finished product! I did some gingerbread last year and the stench was so bad I could taste it. :nauseated_face: Was your experience the same?

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Yeah, pretty bad. I got a cheap air filter which helped. But the most effective was the acrylic trick, switching to wood after to sort of drown out the bad smell.

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Very neat!

Burning sugar is not pleasant. A little light sanding on the edges though…couldn’t taste too bad, could it? I love me some gingerbread.

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