Price increase on PG Materials?

I’m not really sure where to post this, but I just noticed that the Medium Maple plywood is now $16 instead of $11; is that a permanent increase?

NOOOOO! Boo. I guess I’ll just buy more walnut this way. Should have put in my big order earlier, I guess.


Yeah, I was kind of sad about it too. I meant to order way more of the maple. Walnut’s at $16 too. Would’ve like a heads up so I could order some (but I guess that would’ve been less good for GF’s bottom line).

Though they do now have basswood at $11. Looks like I’ll be using that for things that are just “wood” and not specifically something else.


Unless I’m mistaken, walnut and cherry have been at $16 pretty much since day one. Glad to see Basswood as the new “entry” plywood!


Yeah, I was really using a lot of the Maple and hadn’t kept track of the Walnut price so I’m sure you’re right about that!