Primed Tin

Hey. So, I’ve just been researching and realized that the GF can’t cut metal :frowning_face: But can I use it to etch tin can lids, and do I have to use that product that everyone speaks of on here? I have some lids that have been spray primed. So if I just cover them with masking paper, would that do the trick? And if so, what settings should I use?

Sorry you can’t do what you were thinking.

So with all metal I have used in the :glowforge: you have two options.

  1. Burn off the coating and expose the metal layer
    i.e paint, anodizing on aluminum etc

  2. Use a product like Caremark Cermark and fuse a layer of material to the top of the metal.

Ask for settings that depends on on so much. The best way it to just experiment. Search for a post called materials testing. And it will help you with finding the right balance of speed vs power.

Hope that helps



Check out #11, it covers a lot of metal options:



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Thanks much for these references! I’ll have a look when I have time to research them, but at first glance looks very helpful!

I have had good results using dry moly-lube spray.

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