Primitive functionality


I’ve decided that I want to keep settings on 3x5 cards for quick reference. I had started out with a computer generated list kept in a notebook. As many of you will attest, the settings have changed a few times over the past several months and it was a pain to keep the list up to date…and having to print it out again every time a setting changed. Plus, I also keep track of settings that others have used successfully for materials I have not yet tried.

Was considering buying a 3x5 file card box and then realized…I can make my own. Started with a MakerCase box template, then adjusted things until it came out the way I wanted it. Since it can’t have one of those sliding adjusters in it, enter the primitive solution.

After I received my anticipated shipment of PG Draftboard on Friday, I was able to finish making the box. First time using draftboard…it’s great. After I made sure that the box would come out as hoped, I made a second one for my brother.


I like your primitive solution! (Looks much better than a slider.) :grinning:


I love it! I may well steal the design to make some boxes for my office. :slight_smile:


Now I’ll have to make a ‘Life’ box, to get it sorted.



Great idea, and your box came out really cool!


Great idea … and great box!!


Great solution!


Great @Xabbess can you or anyone tell me how the pg draftboard takes acrylic paint?


Sorry…I don’t know. This was my first project with Draftboard. But, I’ve heard others on here say that it takes paint well. And Dan mentioned that, too.


Yes, it’s very easy to paint. Good coverage. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love this!!
When I do airbrush tattoos, I use a plastic large card box to keep the stencils in so I’m limited to a size that fits and any larger ones get placed aside or under and are not as accessable…you just inspired me to make custom boxes now for many different sets I use (different type events use different themed designs.)
Would make a great recipe box too.


Thanks, Steph. However true, this made me laugh a little. When I was designing the box, I thought gees…I’ve still got my mom’s old recipe box, so why not use that. Then, when I saw it again, I knew why I needed to make a new box.

Certainly the recipe box would have been functional, but somehow it just didn’t seem to fit in with my Glowforge stuff. :rofl:

PS…if you make any new boxes, I’d love to see them!


Oh, I really like this! I sat here for too long looking at the first picture going “How’s she lock that in? I don’t see any slots or anything.” And then finally I looked at the 2nd picture and said “Oh, that’s cool.” :slight_smile:


Xabbess, very nice and its not primitive its smart!


Hey…I’ve got one of those metal boxes too…lol
Most of my recipes are on my ipad, but I keep a few favorites in here. :grinning:


Thanks, Tom. I may make the little tabs and slots a bit wider in the future for more stability, but as it is now, it seems to work just fine. They are, after all, only small pieces of paper that need support. :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too! :slightly_smiling_face: In fact, all my mom’s recipes are still in the little box. I also keep my recipes in an app on my desktop and my iPad. I should go through mom’s again though, and transcribe some more into the app.