Princess Clips

My wife works for a non-profit that assists the homeless here in L.A. When I mentioned that people were making ear saver clips, she said she wanted one, so I downloaded the Glowforge ear saver file and made a few that she can pass out at her work. When she tried it on, it was a bit uncomfortable and pressed too hard on the back of her head. I decided to redesign the file a bit, so that it would fit better on the back of her head, although it might be a bit weaker. I made a handful of them, and she says it is an improvement! The clip still feels pretty strong. I am naming these Princess clips because they look like little tiaras, and my wife is a princess or a some type of selfless angel. Here are some pictures and the file. Please use these clips and let me know if they work for you! PrincessClip.pdf (8.5 KB)


I guess this makes you a prince for sharing this adaptation.


It def feels more comfortable. What is the width from end to end? Mine seems smaller than the image but I’ve had my Glowforge for 6 hours so what do I know.

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These are 3.5" end to end. They are probably a bit small.

My daughter had to start wearing masks for her job yesterday and she 100% loves this version (I printed several for her to choose from).


Ha! That is really great that the design is getting some use and that is good feedback!

Cutting some of these to send my mom in her retirement “city”. These might be easier for the older people to handle. I will let you know what my mom reports back to me when she gets them in the mail and they try them out! Thank you for sharing your design!!


Awesome! Let me know how they go. I heard they might need to be scaled up a little, as they might run a little small. All the best, stay safe!

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