Print alignment issue


I’m trying to print aluminum business cards on my GF Basic. I have made a jig out of 1/8" MDF to hold the cards in during engraving. My workflow is as follows:

  1. Create separate SVG files for front and back artwork.
  2. Focus GF on surface of center blank card in the jig.
  3. Import desired SVG file into GF interface. Copy, paste and position artwork into 20 card slots.
  4. Re-focus GF and adjust artwork if necessary.
  5. Press the Magic button!

As the print starts on the left it’s obvious that the artwork is about 1/8" off to the left side and not centered on the card blanks. I had this issue when I first got my GF about a month ago but haven’t seen it until now. At that time, GF support had me calibrate which I did and the issue was resolved.
I printed some stuff yesterday (single items without a jig) and didn’t have any issues.
Is there better workflow or method to printing these aluminum cards in a jig? TIA for your help!

I use a jig when making cards but use a different workflow. I set it all up beforehand in inkscape. I have the cut file for the jig and the artwork stacked ontop of that in the file and turn things on and off as i need. like
Step 1. Set jig cut lines to cut and artwork for front and back to ignore
Step 2. cut the jig
Step 3. set cut lines to ignore
Step 4. turn on the appropriate engrave or score
step 5. flip cards
step 6. set pervious artwork to ignore and set art for the other side to engrave or score.

Doing it that way it will always be lined up perfectly if you have set it up correctly in inkscape, no manually setting art and introducing human and machine image error.


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