Print arm wobbles

We are new to Glowforge and thought we set up everything correctly, and our first few prints looked pretty good. On day 2, nothing would print right. We consulted forums, facebook, and youtube. We tried cleaning the lens, we checked the belts, checked the guides, etc.

The only thing I can see that might be wrong is the bottom set of rollers (I am not sure what the technical term is) One side has a black grommet and the other side doesn’t. Is this normal?

See pics for the grommet concern and video for a demonstration of the “wobble”
GF Guides (1).pdf (383.8 KB)

Welcome to the community. Certainly not a good way to have to join us, but hopefully your troubles will be small.

There are no photos attached to your post…they will probably help anyone who can give you some ideas about this problem.


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