Print bar is not moving, stuck on centering, have tried all trouble shooting options I can find

Just looking for any help from GF. I know it’s terrible timing…4th quarter madness. My print bar won’t move, it’s stuck on centering. I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting tips I can find. What is the fastest way to reach out to GF Support?

This is it. they will be along shortly. If you haven’t tried yet, turn off you machine and with both hands move the gantry and the printer head under the camera carefully then turn the machine back on.

Yes, we did try that. I will wait (hopefully patiently! ha!) for the to get back to me. It’s just the worst possible time…but is it ever really a good time?! ha!


One other idea it, have you checked your WIFI connection. Such as re-setting your router could be a local issue with the signal…

We reset everything this morning in hopes it was that, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

Have you tried setting your machine up to connect via a cell phone hotspot instead of wifi?

Yes, my husband tried that as well.

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I’ve heard that neighbor WiFi interference can cause problems as well, like maybe one of your neighbors set up a new router that uses the same channel as yours. It’s a long shot, but try changing the channel on your 2.4 Hz band


Correct , the GF will not operate on a 5GHz channel must be a 2.4 GHz…

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.