Print boundaries change

HI all, I’ve noticed that sometimes the print boundaries change between restart and new jobs. I went to print another layer of the same design after turning the machine off and back on. but now that same design has to shift more to the left. It grays out if left in the same position on the x axis.

any ideas why this is?

Engrave limits. The head needs room to stop and turn around.

You’ll find cuts don’t have the same limits.

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If you are talking about how much of the material is seen and how the design overlays the material, more often than not it is a difference in how or when the operator uses “set focus” or the automatic focus. If the machine doesn’t know the precise height of material the dewarping of the overhead camera image will be different. Designs will fall in and out of the boundaries depending on the assumed material height.

Or if the speeds or cut/engrave selections have changed it is what @eflyguy said.


As @rpegg and @eflyguy said (thanks, y’all!) this is likely an issue with the laser head needing different amounts of space or the set focus changing, based on slight differences in the design.

However, if you would like to troubleshoot with a Tech Support specialist to make sure you don’t have any alignment issues, please write in to!