Print cancels sometimes

I have a print job that has lots of small things and text and it usually prints fine. But sometimes it just cancels for no obvious reason. Then I try again and it works. It happens about half the time. With a long processing time, I end up waiting a very long time for it to finally work. What is causing this? The normal processing time is about 10-15 minutes, so I am losing a lot of valuable time.

Note: It only happens with the larger files. Never with small ones. This is only related to the processing time. Once it is printing I do not have an issue.

It sounds like you’re hitting a timeout on the motion planning in the cloud. Your file is too complex, so it’s taking too long to follow all the paths and turn it into a plan for the laser to execute. You should simplify the file to solve this problem and to save yourself 10-15 minutes per print. It’s hard to get to a file that takes that long to prepare without a complicated vector engraving, and the easiest way to simplify that is to rasterize the engraving into an embedded image instead. In Inkscape, you’d use “Make a Bitmap Copy” to do that (and then delete the vector original). In Illustrator, I think there’s a “Rasterize” button somewhere. Rasterized engraves generally take only seconds to “prepare”, even in combination with some cut/score parts.


I’ll have to give it a try. It’s working so far today. Only failed once. I can output a raster image easily enough. Thanks.

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I’m wondering if time outs in the internet connection that makes it a bit complex with a big complicated file might cause something like this.

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