Print dialog disappears

When I click the print button in the UI, the loading/calculating/print timer dialog disappears, as if I’ve clicked away from it [I have not].

If I click the button again, the dialog pops back up.

I reloaded the UI, same result. Something’s not right with Chrome and the GFUI.

I asked around, this is happening to several other users. It’s not specific to me.


Also, to all the helpful forumpeople: I know I can click the print button to get it back and this doesn’t impact my ability to use the glowforge, it’s just a change, and doesn’t seem intentional.


I’m one too

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happened to me last night, too. wasn’t happening earlier in the weekend. also in chrome and updated to most recent version.

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Also happening in Firefox.

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Me too (once this weekend)

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OK now.

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It was doing it to me earlier in the day.

One problem I have had is that I start and then realize I need to change a setting, perhaps move stuff even and when I hit print again it prints The OLD design I cancelled from the GFUI with all the changes not made.

That happened twice and now I make sure to open the lid as that apparently cancels everything , but the new behavior of the popup going away confuses about what is going on considerably.

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Ditto me.

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I thought I was seeing (not seeing?) things. I wasn’t interested enough to find out tonight though :smiley:

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Happening here, too, yesterday and today.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve let the team know, and we’re looking into it now.

Are you seeing the same behavior on any other browsers, or only on Chrome? This would be very helpful to know so we can narrow down our investigation.

Not sure if you’re only asking the OP, but…

I wanted to update and let you know that we’ve reproduced the problem internally and the team is investigating now. I’m going to close this thread, but thanks again for letting us know about this.