Print Head Gold pins

Hello I’m experiencing the orange light with an air assist fan speed error. The machine had been funky going on 2 months now. But I keep cleaning and fighting through the mess. But that no longer is working. Yesterday after running a sheet of ornaments I noticed more than normal gray saw dust caked on everything so I disassembled and cleaned everything up. Put it back together only to get the orange light do I have checked connections pins and wires I discovered the gold pins are not all popping back up 1 is stuck in the unit basically. Any thoughts if this could be my issue. This was a brand new replacement unit sent to me last Dec so not even a year old

I’d try rubbing on those pins with some alcohol for a bit. A folded up Zeiss wipe may work if you don’t have alcohol handy. See if you can free up whatever gunk is keeping the pin from popping back out.


@spgreen I am so sorry your Glowforge printer has an orange light and the pins is not popping out all the way. It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close both forum posts and follow up with you in the email.