Print head moves but does not print

Ive called several times today just to be placed on hold upwards 30-45 min each time, no one gets on the line to see what my issues are, and then the phone just hangs up. Ive left 2-3 messages with more ways to even get intouch with me. Look i dont know whats goin on or how yall at Glowforge run things but my glowforge plus is way too expensive to be chasing support around to get an answer as to why my machine has stopped cutting. It stopped right in the middle of a print I was working on for a pair of shoes I have. There is no coloaration in that tube thing. Its moving but its not cutting. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CALL ME TEXT ME EMAIL ME ASAP. Ive wiped it down twice since it stopped working. I took the lazer head off to see if it were installed incorrectly and its still not working. just sad.

You bought a laser from a baby company - they’re growing, but their support is still slow. That being said, you’ve opened multiple tickets with them. Each one you do slows them down a bit, so you’re going to have to be patient. They will get to you - typically it’s the same business day, but during the holidays when everybody is ramping up two business days seems to be the norm.

What have you done to try and determine the issue? If wiping it down is all, then there are a bunch of things to try. You should either respond to the first email you sent, or put your answers here - if you want the community to help out, put your answers/pictures here.

Worst case scenario your laser tube is dead, which will require a return to the factory for repair - so it’s in your best interest to see if it’s something you can fix at home!

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thank you so much for reply

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You have probably already checked this, but can you look at the power setting and or post a screen shot of your interface window.

While you wait for support to get back to you the community here can try and help. There are some really smart people that have helped me in the past.

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Some of us have been waiting 5 and 6 days with no responses from them. I’m on my 3rd machine and usually they communicate same or next day. I’ve never seen it like this but nothing we can do. I’ve already refunded all my customers so the worse has been done for me.

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Hi I’m sorry to hear that you had some trouble reaching us to get some help your Glowforge that is failing to move the printer head to print. I saw we were working on this as well through email. It looks like we received your photos and video, and have everything under review for next steps. To avoid any potential confusion with multiple threads, I’ll close this Community thread. Thank you!