Print head moving but laser stopped firing

I had just started a small project, the laser cut a line about 2" long then quit. The print head is still going through the motions but no laser. I have cleaned all my lenses and checked that the white cable is fully attached.

I am having the same issue. This is my thread that they locked to respond by email but it might help? My machine is now operating normally except the tube is not lighting up so no cutting or engraving. I am currently waiting for a response since Saturday afternoon. I know that they supposedly did an update but I don’t know if this is what has caused the issue, just seems like an odd coincidence.

I am having the same problem since sat. I have a pro so i do not think they did an update. have have cleaned everything and nothing

It just seems very odd that a group of machines are all having the same issue at the same time. Mine happened on Friday night.

I can see that you’ve also sent in a request via email and that we’ve responded there. I’m going to close this topic now to avoid duplicate communication.