Print head moving

so now my print head is rocking a little when it goes to adjust. There are no spare parts for those little rubble black things that hold it in when it moves around. Can i replace them with something else?

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Do you feel it is the printer head that is rocking or the carriage plate?

Have you gone through a process like this:

Its up to you on doing the steps on cleaning the fan but when going through that process it will allow you to inspect the parts in the belt assembly a little better.

It’s the actual print head…

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The print head is attached to the carriage plate by magnets - if gunk has gotten in there it could make it rock. Go to the link that @MyDogsThinkImCrazy provided and you’ll see how to pull it off, inspect the wheels, and see if any debris has gotten in there.

If you mean something other than that connection you may want to take pictures or a short video to try and explain what you’re seeing. (If you do a video, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo or equivalent, and put the link here)


Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag. To better understand the trouble, could you include a video of the rocking you’ve described?

Additionally, in order to take a closer look at this for you, would you please send me the following photos?

First, power off your Glowforge and remove the crumb tray.

1. The belt under your laser arm with the head pushed to the left:

2. The pulley under the laser arm on the right side from the front:

3. The right side pulley under the laser arm from underneath:

Let us know how it goes!​


Thank you so much…

I cleaned it and its sill rocking… its not that.

everything looks good… its the part were the printer head is sitting on… it drops down when i put the head back on.

Do you have a video or picture of this? Do you still feel its rollers in the print head as opposed to the carriage plate?

i have a video but im not sure how to upload it

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.