Print head not moving of firing after calibration

I’ve tried to run multiple jobs today, everything works fine up until printing. Calibration, print job to printer, glowing white light, press the button and it makes all the fan sounds and everything that a normal running job would make the the printer head doesn’t move from the top right corner. Count down on the print etc, doesn’t seem that the laser is firing either.
I did have a “need cool down” issue with the orange light earlier today but it’s not an issue at the moment. Thoughts?

The most often referenced source of this behavior is:

  1. Forgetting to set the proper speed and power for the job.
  2. Not having anything for the laser to actually do; the job is out of the area or deselected.
  3. WiFi connection issues.

Once you check these three, you should contact support.
There are many threads about these issues; use the search function and you should be able to find what you need to do at least initial checks.

If it is a pro check that the link at the back is making contact. Also make sure all the doors are closed properly.

I think the fact the button lights means it has downloaded the job, so that rules out WiFI issues.

Laser magic has apparently resolved the issues… thanks for the tips everyone.

I believe that the issue you’re seeing is an issue with the transparent materials. Proofgrade materials have a masking which allows the laser to detect and determine the height of clear or transparent materials. Without that masking, your unit can have trouble detecting the height of your material.

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