Print Head Not Returning To Top Left After Auto Focusing

When the unit is first turned on, the print head moves from the upper left to the center, then to the right center, then back to the upper left corner like usual. When I start the print, print head will move to the auto focus point and the red light comes on, the print head moves slightly then the red light comes on again, then the print button lights up, GF interface says it’s ready to print, without the print head returning to the upper left corner. If I hit the print button, the print head will move as if it is starting in the upper left corner, which of course will not be correct if the focus point is anywhere else on the cutting material.

I have turned off the unit and manually moved the print head back to the upper left, I have restarted my browser, I have moved the print head directly under the camera and turned the unit back on, all with no effect. Any ideas?

If you can, please post a video of the actions so we can see what is going on.

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will do, give me a few minutes.

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Well, I be danged, the problem seems to have solved itself, unit behaving normally now, issue did not happen again. GF must have needed a break I guess. Thanks for replying!


You are very welcome. Wish I could take credit :rofl:


Thank you for taking the time to write about this, I had the same issue happen yesterday, but it also resolved itself. I thought it was user error, so good to know I’m not causing it :sweat_smile:

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