Print head will not move

Since I turned on Glowforge this morning the print head has not moved. It will not even move to calibrate. I hear the usual clicks and whirs, nothing moves. In fact, I hear a gentle thunk at the end of it’s attempt to calibrate. After the gentle thunk there is nothing.

I’ve read through all of the posts on this topic. Did a thorough cleaning as many of the posts suggested. Reboot the entire system, the app/Glowforge bower window recognized the state of the Glowforge, posting offline when it is turned off.

They are having issues this morning. - there are some issues with the cloud service. After that turns green, see if your problems go away.

How am I supposed to know when google solves their issues?

Literally the header on that page will go from yellow to green - so leave that page up on a computer somewhere and check it periodically

Fingers crossed it’s quick for you!

Thank You

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I have a super crazy idea.

Just now I also realized that if you don’t have that status page bookmarked… How do you find it? It isn’t obvious in their own Support material. If you search for “glowforge google status page” the top hits are all discussions about how much such a page is needed, not the page itself.


Just out of curiosity - did your print-head move? (All systems being operational again)

No, unfortunately the print head is still on vacation, It’s the gentle quiet ‘thunk’ I hear when the print head should move that worries me

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.