Print issues

My GF Pro has been having issues all day. First it would get stuck on homing…now it’s taking forever to “prepare” and I cancelled the print and not it’s stuck on “cancelling.” I would say it could be a wifi issue but I’m not having any other wifi issues. Ugh

Your first guess is correct, you’re having WiFi issues. The thing with the :glowforge: is that it doesn’t require a fast connection at all, but it does require a solid one - and most other systems are designed to be able to buffer their way through a connection that’s cutting in and out.

SO! First thing I’d suggest is rebooting everything - starting with the router. If that doesn’t fix it, I’d try connecting to a hot spot on the phone - if that works then the problem may be further upstream than your house.

There are also the somewhat random glitches that can be introduced if you (or a close neighbor) gets a new toy. A new Apple TV caused one person issues until they turned it off, things like that. Any new toys?


No new toys but it looks like it could storm so maybe it’s just weather. So frustrating

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I’d still try the reboot (and clear the cache on your browser while you’re at it), sometimes the problem went away but the system as a whole is still griping about it :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea…haven’t done that yet

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Nope…still says cancelling even after clearing history and cache…guess it’s time to leave the she shed and find something bad for me to eat. LOL


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