Print Jumbled Needs AURA help

Someone vectorized my bitmap so I could cut acrylic, but I think there was a problem with the file, which caused the laser to the same spot over and over again. And then there was the problem of print going off the proofgrade - not sure why it happened, but slipping caused it before and I’ve only done a few prints on this new Aura. I did clean it, as that was helpful before.


When I opened the file it was 15" x 15". I don’t own an Aura it looks like the print area is no more than 12"x12" and may even be smaller.

Additionally, the file has 2 or more cut lines for each item. I’m guessing to make the SVG, the original lines were traced on the inside and outside. So you will have to clean up the file by erasing the inside or outside lines. Can you do that? There are also a few random lines in your file.


Pearl is correct. I looked at it, too. It’s too large for the bed of the Aura. And yes, there are double lines plus some other stray bits and pieces. This will need more work before you can successfully print it.


Thanks. I was able to access Illustrator and save it as a vector. Testing it on paper now.

I do not understand about the size. I thought vectors automatically change in size. I had the design lined up on the acrylic in Glowforge software of course?

I didn’t know you had access to Illustrator so I was just sitting here messing with your file in case you needed it.



Thanks much. I decided to take the plunge. Yours still looks a lot cleaner. I am testing what I had on a piece of paper currently, but this would probably work.

And maybe the thing got stuck last time and then was sliding around for some reason? I do not get how a file problem could have caused it to get stuck like that and then go off the page and overlap stuff even more?


I tried fixing it in Illustrator, but the laser still is seeing two lines for some reason. I only see one line in Illustrator?

If you always work with a 12"W x 20"L artboard in your design app, whatever you export as an svg will import into the GFUI at the proper size…but the art itself must be able to fit on the Aura bed.
Also, as you have seen…the inside cuts on the letter “E”, “A”, “D”, “G”,and “O” are going to drop out because they are not attached to anything.


I don’t use Illustrator but maybe you can see the double lines in the outline view? Otherwise, Pearl may be able to help you.

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Yep. I still think this must have been due to the laser getting stuck and sliding on the rails even though I cleaned them.

I don’t think so…your entire file is too large for the Aura. The bed is only 12 x 12…your artwork is 15 x 15.


How would I make it smaller?

I do them in outline view. How do I fix that? Maybe I should not use Illustrator?

This…as I stated above…plus the artwork itself must be no larger than 12x12…and even a bit smaller. Otherwise, part of it will stick out past the area that can be cut/engraved.


I honestly can’t answer that because I don’t use Illustrator. But, using that app is not the problem…many people do use it all the time.


I was using proof grade, which is 12x12? I guess u r saying there is a place in Illustrator to note 12x12.

What app do you use?

In my file, I changed the artboard to 12x12 and deleted all the inside lines. I do not have an Aura so I’m just not sure what you mean when you say the laser is getting stuck and sliding on the rails, sorry. There are others here that can hopefully answer that question.

Did you try my file? Maybe just on a piece of cardboard to see if the size was correct?

And btw, I went into outline view to delete the extra lines in Illustrator. Then I made sure there was no fill and only lines. Lastly, as I stated up thread, I changed the artboard to 12x12 as I thought that is the size of the bed in an Aura (it is 12x20 in a basic/plus/pro Glowforge).

FYI, I edited your title so hopefully someone with more Aura knowledge will come in. I think you have 2 issues, the file, which is now resolved, and then an issue with your Aura with it sliding.

Pearl is correct. Sorry, I mispoke…thinking of the performance series instead of Aura. You should make your artboard 12x 12 for Aura.