Print Load Error... another one

Any help with this? I just got my GF today, and I’m trying to print my first project. I have tried dozens of times, but I keep getting the same Print Load Error.

The GF is hooked up correctly and getting a WiFi signal. I am trying to print the Founders Ruler on Proofgrade Medium Maple Hardwood. It scans, prepares, shows the time and asks me to push the button on the GF to start. Before the button on the GF lights up, it then switches to the error.

I know several have had this issue before. I had hoped it might clear up on it’s own, but it has not.

Thanks for the help.

I am so sorry… the information that we can see shows that your unit has a hardware problem that we can’t solve remotely. I’ll send an email in a moment recommending that we replace your Glowforge.