Print Load Error Christmas Day

We are getting the same Print Load error I’ve seen other posts. system worked great yesterday, but this morning keeps showing the error occured while preparing this print.
is this a cloud issue today or something else?


That’s the same thing I’m experiencing. I would be happy if it isn’t a machine issue. I don’t want shippers to touch this machine.

I was troubleshooting by trying to print a Glowforge catalog item and still the issue.

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received mine on 12/23 and got the print load error from the very first attempt to print and every attempt thereafter.

after reporting the issue to GF, i got an email from them saying it is a problem they can’t fix remotely, and i have to ship it back to them. unfortunately, no one will respond to me with when they are sending the return shipping labels or the replacement machine.

you would think after waiting for over 26 months to get this machine, they might have a little better quality control procedure to ensure they don’t send printers that are DOA. i am very disappointed in GF.

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Disappointing I’m sure. To be fair, it did travel through not the gentlest of carriers. All units are calibrated and burned in at the factory, so the chances of it being dead at send-off are basically nill. Shipping damage happens and it looks like you were one of the unlucky ones. But being disappointed in GF? It sounds like your disappointment is misplaced. If they had hand-delivered it to you - sure.

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fair enough, though i have had all manner of computer equipment and consumer electronics shipped by the same carrier, and i have never had a single issue with damage or defect.

waiting 26 months for a product is frustrating enough. having it arrive DOA compounded the issue.

Don’t disagree with the expectation to receive fully functional equipment. But just so that everyone who reads these posts in the future can put frustration in context…

There is a big, big difference in shipping electronics with no moving parts, and shipping heavy mechanical systems that required precision alignment, contain large glass tubes, liquid reservoirs and pumps. Few of the public problems appear to be related to electronics.

Kind of talking apples and elephants here.


I’m so sorry for the slow reply!

I see from your logs that you’ve been printing successfully. Were you able to complete this print?

No, the print that was not working still wouldn’t print, but we were able to print Proofgrade material.

This was non-proofgrade, and gave the error consistently. I haven’t tried to rerun that job since, but will try again and let you know.

From my reading since, I see that there is a way to force the GF to not try and autofocus on the material if you change the material height in the score or cut operation. I wonder if this is what was causing the error?

If the material thickness is outside of the focus range that will throw an error. What is the material thickness?

construction paper. so very thin.

I took a closer look and it appears the height you entered doesn’t quite match the height of your material. Would you measure your material, enter the new height and see if that helps?

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email