Print Load Error, Inkscape, Back Etching an image

Working out a problem with Print Load Error when trying to enable a Back surface etch on acrylic where the image needs to be reversed etched. I discovered that the problem was due to reversing (flipping) the image within Inkscape.

Use an image editor to flip the image prior to importing the into a layer in Inkscape and that will solve this particular issue.


Had a problem a few months ago with image manipulation within Inkscape. Not sure whether the issue is still there. If I rotated an image within Inkscape the GF would not process it properly. I did not get an error, just a distorted, low resolution print. Almost like an Icon of the image. Inkscape does some weird stuff that the GF doesn’t always understand.

One thing to try though. Inkscape files can be saved as Inkscape SVG or Plain SVG. Make sure you always use Plain SVG which is not my default. There are known problems with Inkscape SVG format.


If you flip the image within Inkscape, use “Edit->Make Bitmap Copy” and Inkscape will generate a fresh bitmap exactly as it appears, right in place. You can then delete the old bitmap which will be found underneath, if you don’t need it for future editing. If you want to keep the old one, put it onto a different layer, then set the layer to invisible then the GF app will completely ignore it.

The “Make Bitmap Copy” command is also handy to quickly turn complex vector artwork into a bitmap for engraving while still keeping the vectors for editing, and not exporting a separate bitmap image that you then have to edit again for something simple like adding a cutting outline to it.


Thanks, I’ll check out this process as well. Being an old hat at Photoshop, it was an easy fix. Doing it within Inkscape would be a step saver

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Yeah I hear ya. At any time I have Fusion360, Inkscape, GIMP and the GF app open simultaneously so quick edits and file exchanges between programs are a snap, but any time you can save a step is a big time saver.