Print Load Error


So, I am finally using my GF yay! Made my ruler, cut out a blank puzzle my niece insisted she needed to do her own puzzle and now I just want to cut out some keychain things right from the catalogue and just get the
"We’re sorry, an error occurred while preparing this print."

So, what is the procedure? Restart the machine? Is it server side and I just need to wait?


I’d reload the file and try again. If you get still the error, power-cycle your GF. If it still won’t work, email support with as much info as possible, including a copy of the file (if possible).

Power-cycling my PRU works 95% of the time…


Thanks, I figured I should just like any first step computer problem just seemed odd it didn’t tell me that in the error. “Please turn on and off your forge before contacting support” sort of thing.

And it worked. Now to figure out how to name my forge from the default stuff.


What @dwardio said but I’ll add that if it is persistent it is almost always something funky with the file.


Well, it is their file from the catalogue but good to note for the future.


yeah, I just failed reading comprehension for the day!


Often get that error when using one computer for the app, then logging onto another computer and going back to the original computer. Seems to get a little confused now and then when I bounce between computers for a print. Might also have something to do with the original computer entering sleep mode.

But then again this is all anecdotal as will be 90% of our solutions. We know what seems to happen when but can never tell for sure unless we were running a debugger of some sort when the errors occur.


This kind of thing happens to me and it is almost always the fault of my browser (Firefox). I have a lot of trouble with Firefox and I’m about ready to ditch it. Anybody on a Mac recommend a different one? Chrome? I used to avoid safari for a lot of things because I had trouble getting pages to load correctly, but that may not be true any more, maybe I should give it another try.


I had that problem when tracing a picture on the bed, so I just uploaded instead. Dunno if that it a consistent thing for other people. (I’ve also had marginal network, possibly fixed now)


I still use Safari with little to no problems


My two cents: Log the time, get a screen shot, then email support right away before doing any trouble shooting. The software is still in beta, so even if it is a simple fix, it could give them some valuable info. I’ve been sending them emails for even small little things… I’m pretty sure I’m annoying @GlowforgeStaff with all my emails. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After you do that, then I would try what people suggested.
My go to trouble shooting process is:

  1. Hit print again. Most of the time, this works for me.
  2. Reload the file.
    2.1 Load a different file with the same settings (if possible). If it doesn’t load, continue on.
  3. Restart my browser.
  4. Restart Glowforge.
  5. Bang head against desk (just the once).
  6. Take a break and come back later.


Chrome. It’s shiny on all the OSs.


And on Chrome if you go to Help> about, it will trigger the auto update feature in chrome, if it isn’t enabled as it should be by default. (support likes you to be running the latest version)
The link will check the version, and give an opportunity to update.


So true and I’m not as good about doing this as I should be. You just never know when you will point out a bug or little usability issue that because of your email got fixed.


That particular error message appears when I have left a browser open a long time on the app without logging of or exiting the layout workspace. Happens much more frequently when I have opened another device and accessed the Glowforge and then return. Now I get in the habit of logging out if I am going into to be finished for a while or if I have in the meanwhile opened up the app on another device. It has happened when I have some really big files that stretch capacity like a three and a half hour print


I use Firefox too, but can’t update it any higher. 2008 MBP, OSX10.8
I’m using chrome more and more…


Chrome has some serious bugs of late for me where it consumes randomly large amounts of CPU on my laptop without much cause and the fans spin up.

Also I randomly have chrome wire too many pages and essentially lock up the laptop when it runs out of memory, but I haven’t seen that problem in about a week. I also tend to keep over 100 tabs and a good dozen+ windows open at a time.


Yeah, I’d say the team has the onboard cache allotment in a sweet spot. I haven’t bumped into a limit yet, and that includes temperature management (Although the warmest ambient temperature I have run the machine at for an extended period is 80 degrees).

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