Print Offline

I have gone through the procedures to get the glow
forge online and it will not work.

I may not be much help but are you using a 2.4ghz connection? If so have you tried using your phone as a hot spot?
Leave as much info as you can so someone can perhaps offer some clue as to what went wrong.


I tried my Verison Hot spot and the WiFI with Media Com. Everything indicates it is connected until I try to print, then is says I am offline.

I recall something similar that I got the glowforge connected but had to get the laptop back connected to the wifi instead of trying to connect directly to the glowforge.


So you’re successfully connecting the :glowforge: to where it says “Online”, but then when you hit Print it goes offline? Or something else?


My AppleTV was causing a similar issue. If you have one either disconnect or move your GF to a dedicated 2.4 channel on your network.

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Any update?

I have two glowforge machines and the wrong login email was posted so it would not go online. I put in the correct email and things are working fine.


Good to hear it was a simple fix. Happy forging!


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