Print Queue Suggestion

When a print job is created it would be nice to be able to save the compiled code for the print locally. If the exact same job needs to be done 28 times like I am doing now and it is going to be the same over and over and over instead of having to cue everything up each time it would be a lot better for us and glowforge if we could save the job locally and save both of us time and money.


Thanks for suggesting again. A lot of folks have asked for this.

So now I’m wondering (some of the hackers here will know) whether the files that come down are potentially repositionable, or whether they contain parts that require absolute positioning each time.

Even if you have to load new material or save two versions of the file if your going back and forth to consume an entire piece of material. It is going to be loads faster to hold onto a few files that cut the same content at the same position every time than it is to have to load it via the cloud.

This is really low hanging fruit and a win win for everyone. its going to cut back on a lot of traffic to the service.

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They are absolute positioned.

However, it wouldn’t be too difficult to modify the file to change the starting position.

Of course, stock firmware and the GFUI wouldn’t support such things. :smirk:


This should be a simple fix, not a lot of code to write to make this happen. This is a cloud driven service, the point of using the cloud is to be able to scale on demand of services. This should be an easy fix this has no dependancies on the hardware but would simply need some middleware to talk to your local machine to load the saved file to run the routine. If the routine is saved locally or is generated each time really should not impact where it comes from but as long as the service understands the code to execute.