Print Stopped Error Message - Open File?

Hello everyone,

I have had my glowforge for a while now but I can not for the life of me ever make something that came out perfect. I have cleaned it, taken everything out, cleaned it again. This happened a few times during the holidays and I havent used it since then. In the meantime I purchased an inline fan thinking this would help my “not cutting all the way through” problems.

Currently I am having an issue when trying to send the design to the glowforge and it is giving me a “PRINT STOPPED” error message. I finally got it to work after shutting down, turning it on and off several times, rebooting my computer. However, it did cut BUT it didnt cut all the way through my thick draftboard, I am so so frustrated at this point. I have read everything that I could find on these boards but there isnt a clear answer or no answer as to why this is happening.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried printing the Gift of Good Measure for testing? Are you using PG material? Have you double checked your settings?


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If you’re using draftboard with PG settings it’s literally guaranteed to work. You need to write to and let them know you’re having issues. They will replace the material you used that didn’t work, and figure out what’s up with your machine!

In the meantime, I’ll echo @ovm.steve, print the GoGM on draftboard, or any PG material, using the PG settings and take pictures of the front and back and post them here - someone should be able to guide you more specifically.


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I suggest that you clean all of the optics again. Make sure that you clean the side window inside the left side of the machine, the window on the side of the printhead in addition to the lens and mirror. Wipe off the windows on the underside of the printhead, the lid camera lens and the top of the printhead. Take a piece of Proofgrade material large enough to print the Gift of Good Measure and place it in your machine. Make sure the proper Proofgrade settings auto populate. Use the set focus tool before placing the design onto the material. Print the file and if it doesn’t print perfectly, send photos (front and back) along with the date and time of the print to Glowforge support.


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