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I had the same board in from a previous cut a couple days ago. 1/8" and now it not only won’t let me upload another design when I go to print, I get Print stopped Material too thick Material thickness must be less than 0.5" with the crumb tray, and between 1.5" and 2" without the crumb tray. along those lines. I tried to reset and even put a proof grade med acrylic in andit read the code, hit print and still the same msg. I took the tray out and cleaned underneath etc. Can not get it to print. I’ve shut it off for awhile to no avail. Any hints?

Are you using set focus? And, are you sure there’s nothing ‘on’ the crumb tray making the board higher?
If you tried set focus, try to manually enter the thickness…


Before it cuts it will still use the focus (red laser on one side of the main lens, and camera on the other) to place a red dot on the material and by seeing the location with the camera determine how close the material is. If either the red laser is blocked or the camera is blocked there will be nothing to see and you will get an error. I would (with the machine off) take a look at the bottom of the printer head and make sure to clean those two windows. there is not much of a way for smoke to get inside them so do not remove them to clean the top but you will want to give them a rub with a Zeiss pad, perhaps encouraged with a q-tip. It is remotely possible that the connection from the white ribbon to the head is where the issue is, but I would try cleaning those two windows first.


Watch carefully after you close the lid, if it’s auto focusing at a hole in the material it can throw an error. The red focus laser needs to land on material. You can use set focus to specify a spot.


Thanks, I pulled out the tray and cleaned it and below to no avail.

I turned it off a couple times to reset. used another computer, didn’t help. How do I set fucus to a specific spot? My last try I noticed the head was right under the camera. I tried resetting it to the left top corner again, it kept going under the camera.

That’s its normal spot, set focus is under the three dots menu. You click it in the menu then click on the image of the bed where you want to focus. Never move the head manually when the power is on, it throws of positioning.

You can read the official set focus instructions here:


I did the set focus on a different place on the board… yeaaa. so far so good. Thank you. :+1:

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