PRINT STOPPED *my issue was resolved*

I tried to engrave a pumpkin pie today! unfortunately, I got the “print stopped” message and couldn’t do it. I stacked some PG medium draft board to bring the pie up to the correct height but I got the error. I then put the tray back in and put a PG medium draft board in to see if that would work but I still got the message. I followed the steps found in this thread Print stopped but that didn’t work either. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m sort of thinking that support won’t be able to offer much help with trying to engrave a non-proofgrade pie. Good luck to you.


they should stock proof grade pies


Can you test your machine by printing the Gift of Good Measure on proofgrade Draftboard? If that prints flawlessly, the error may be related to your file. If it doesn’t print properly, photos of the errors along with the time and date of the print will help support identify where to begin to assess your problem.

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How high is the crust edge on the pie? I’m thinking it might be out of range. :thinking:

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It seems the problem was with my SVG file as well as the GF itself. I pulled the print head, unplugged the ribbon cable and plugged it back in and restarted the machine. I also overwrote the original SVG file and that solved the issue. Thanks for the responses. BTW I engraved my pumpkin pie!


Hi @pedro1

I’m glad you were able to solve your problem and your print turned out great. If you have any other questions or problems please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at! For now, I’m going to close this thread.