"Print Stopped" "Unable to comple print."

I am regularly getting “Print Stopped” “Unable to complete print” messages indicating “Error”
“An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may help to turn your Glowforge off and back on again”

After the message “Print Stopped”, the machine goes into “Centering” e.g. for four minutes, then “Scanning”, then “Ready” again.
This loop may repeat, or you might get the Print to run.

Time: Eastern 9:30AM 4/10/2022
Room temperature: 22 Centigrade = 71.5 F.
Print time when it works: 0:33 i.e. really short for this example.

This is not an isolated event. It happens almost every time attempts are made to use the machine.
Particularly frustrating are cases when after a series of operations, the lid is opened, parts flipped over and placed in cutouts for operations on the back side. Lid closed, operations changed, Print attempted and getting the “Print Stopped.” error. Keeping alignment is critical.

Since Glowforge support does not monitor the forum, I assume you have already sent this documentation to Glowforge via email.
You are an experienced user, so I assume you have tried all the known troubleshooting - cleaning optics, adjusting ambient light, using your phone as a hotspot, and trying a known file such as the Gift of Good Measure. Please let us know if you get the issue resolved and how.


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