Print Stopped Unable to Print after passthrough

I gave read through the other posts of those who have this same error. I have tried all the troubleshooting and it continues to say “Print Stopped”. I was trying to creat a grad sign using the passthrough and after numerous tries, it would not finish the alignment and complete my project. I have already trashed two pieces of wood because of this. Could someone please assist? Ive had so many issues with this machine and i am feeling very defeated.

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I would open a support ticket, they can look at the logs and check the pics taken during the print.

So, I just tried to print something else. No issues. Something must be wrong with my pass-through option. That’s when/where I’m receiving the error. :frowning:

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Seems like pass-thru has been giving several people issues lately.


Same issue here. destroyed a piece of wood and acrylic because of the accuracy of the passthrough. SO frustrating.

It’s hard to say without seeing what your file/artwork looks like. Passthrough alignment depends on images from the lid camera so overly simple designs often fail, it needs enough to ‘see’ to calculate the alignment.

Even when I think there’s enough comexplity in my file I ways test on a same size piece of cardboard first.

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