Print window closes without starting

I am trying to print some business cards on veneer. I click print and the dialog box opens with “Scanning your material” then says “Preparing your design” and then the window closes without being able to hit print.

I am trying to use the proofgrade settings on non proofgrade material, but I have heard quite a few people are having success with that.

In Chrome I have tried clearing the cache to refresh the page and trying a new window using incognito.
I even tried using MS Edge (WHY GLOWFORGE WHY) and I am also having the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

No pop up in the bottom right about it being too big (ie taking too long)?

I had this happen when pinning down LPI settings last night for a long engrave. First time, it just cleared out - second time, I got the too big warning.

Its been happening for an hour, no errors so far. The window just closes. The business card is pretty small with lots of whitespace. Its around 2 by 3 inches.

Here is a pic, I blocked off the private info, but that is just a engrave of text.

What!? That’s free advertising :wink: if you want to PM the file, I can take a look.

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I don’t think the pic made it.

If you’re engraving a vector, there are a few SVG problems that cause the server side to give up without an error message. A quick workaround is to rasterize it before uploading.

Yes, it should work and yes, it should give better error messages.

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Thanks JB! I sent you over the files.

Ok its working now and I have a theory. The designer grouped the text and a cut together in AI. When I saved it to SVG, it didn’t work. But when I ungrouped everything it worked fine.

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It actually wouldn’t let me raster, which is why I ended up ungrouping everything and that seemed to fix it. The first cut is happening right now.

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I think I’ve also seen this happen when text isn’t converted to outlines. There’s supposed to be a warning, but it isn’t always triggered.


another reason i like using PDFs.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion.

I looked into the logs for your prints and I see that the print failed because the original file had unclosed shapes that could not be engraved.

I’m glad you were able to fix it and I’ll look into why you didn’t get any messaging.

If you see this again or have any other questions, please post a new topic.