Printable area

The printable area seems to be reduced and won’t print a 18.37" file. Not using draftboard setting and have printed wider files before. Any suggestions?

The faster the laser is moving, the smaller the printable area gets.

Often for engraves, you’re moving the laser at higher speeds, and can’t print the maximum width.
For cuts (that often move the laser more slowly), you can get the full width.

Hope that helps!


The maximum cut area is 10.9" x 19.5". If you are engraving, the usable area is reduced because the printhead must have room to accelerate and decelerate at each margin. As you adjust the speed of your engrave you will see the usable area of the Glowforge change.


hi @jestelle thanks so much for the question and to @dklgood for the helpful reply. I also emailed you regarding this, so I am closing this post now. Please reach out if you have more questions.