Printer did not cut

My printer did not cut, the arm moved just like the object I had uploaded. It was only a minute and a half cut. I thought I had not loaded my file correctly, went back into Inkscape rechecked my file. File was correct. I begin checking my lens… that’s when I found out that the printer head lens was black and the inside of the box has some damage. After trying to clean lens I still have a spot on it. And my machine only says focusing. There was not any smoke or a funny smell when my machine was moving and supposed to have been cutting. I have used my Glowforge may times and never had any problems, up until now everything has worked perfectly. I have ordered a new printer head lens, and hope that it works. I did not receive my machine until December 10, and I also hope it is still under warranty. Does anyone know how to get the black spot off of the lens?

Had you ever cleaned the lens, the windows and the mirror before?

The spot might just be some smut on the lens, you can remove it from the head and try wiping both sides with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, moistened with 50% vinegar/water. Or use one of the Zeiss wipes that come with the machine. If you still see the spot after cleaning it again, post a closeup picture of both sides of the lens so the folks here can tell you if the lens has been damaged. (It might require a new lens if the junk on it diffracted the beam and burned a hole in the lens coating, so ordering that was probably a good move, and if you don’t need it, you can keep it as a spare.)

If you noticed damage inside the head when you took out the lens and mirror, take closeup photos looking down into the head from the top so that support can see what happened inside the head as well.

It’s really important to clean the lens, windows and mirrors periodically to keep from damaging the lens and head. The instructions for how to clean and maintain your laser are listed here:

Cleaning And Maintenance

Going forward be sure to do a thorough lens and window cleaning every couple of months if you are not doing it now. (More frequently if you are running it a lot, but at least every other month.)

I do notice damage inside the head when I take out the lens and mirror. I have taken closeup photos looking down into the head from the top so that support can see what happened inside the head. I also took pictures of the lens on both sides.

I clean my lens almost every day if not every day with Zeiss wipes.

Uh oh. Lens looks funky but you’re right, there is also damage inside the head. I’m afraid that kind of damage will probably require a trip back to Glowforge for repair. Can you take a picture of the mirror? Is that in good shape? Could it have been put in at an angle?

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Here is a picture of the mirror, it was not put in at an angle. I’ve always been really careful with my Glowforge. Thank goodness I have received an email and they are going to replace it since it is under warranty.

The mirror looks like it might have contributed to the issue…it’s got pits all over it.

Well, since you’re working directly with them, there’s nothing else for you to do here. Good luck with the replacement. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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