Printer Head Base and Track Wheels

Today in the middle of engraving on proof grade medium leather I received an Air Assist Error.
When following the steps provided and removing the head I found the base is no longer straight and is lower on the right side, the top ring had fallen off upon removing the head and the lower ring is cracked. Will someone please provide guidance?

Support will need to get you set up with a replacement wheel. As soon as they see your post they will make arrangements for it and get in touch with you. Are you still under warranty?

I received my Glowforge May 15th.

Good. (No cost to you.) Just wait to hear from them about it…they might have to chase down a spare wheel and get it shipped out. No idea how long that takes these days with everything up in the air.

Thank you!

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I just replied to your email with the next steps to receive a replacement part. We’re going to continue to work on this there, so I’m going to close this post.

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