Printer head doesn’t move and never gets past calibrating mode

I just got my aura and was so excited. Watched all the videos to unbox and set up.

It gets stuck in calibrating mode. The printer head never moves out of the top left hand corner.

We’ve read and watched many troubleshooting articles and videos.

Has anyone else run into this and is there something we are missing?

Since it’s brand new I’d definitely give support a call. Their number is listed at

In the meantime when it’s off, move the head to the center of the bed and then turn it on. That frequently helps in the :glowforge: models so hopefully it works for the :aura: too!


We are having the same problem on the come we got today

Hi @steverobson42

You should also reach out to support as the response above states. If you want help on your own, create a new post for yourself and we’ll do what we can!

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I’m having the exact same issue. Just finished unboxing and setting up today and stuck calibrating with yellow light :frowning:

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