Printer head mirror question

The printer head mirror fell out when I was setting up the GF. Please, advise where and how to replace this tool. Thanks!

It is available in the store

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This might help.

Hi! It looks like you’re new, welcome! Email support and let them know what happened.
It’s been a long while since I’ve done the initial setup but I vaguely remember the mirror shouldn’t easily fall out during setup.

Are you sure that’s what happened? The mirror in the print head can’t come out unless you take off the top of the print head first, and if it does come out, you can put it back in. Maybe it’s some other part you dropped? Why does it need to be replaced?

As stated by @dan84, the mirror is not likely to fall out. Have you tried to set up your Glowforge to see if it is operational? Perhaps the lens fell rather than the mirror. Sharing a photo of the part in question would help us help you.

Maybe if you post a pic of the part that would help us give you further direction. Welcome!!

The mirror can fall out if you invert the head with the “lid” removed and hold it “just right”…

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